Jonathan Batiste | 2023 @ Maple Leaf Bar
Jonathan Batiste | 2023 @ Maple Leaf Bar Jonathan Batiste | 2023 @ Maple Leaf Bar

This live music painting produced by Frenchy from New Orleans captures the essence of Jon Batiste's performance at a rare Maple Leaf Bar pop-up show. Measuring 30" x 40", the painting features a striking combination of black, white, and gold strokes that create a sense of movement and energy.

At the center of the painting, the piano keys seem to come alive as Jon Batiste pours his soul into the music, while a group of Native American friends join him on stage for a few heritage songs. The strokes of black and white seem to represent the ebb and flow of the music, as Jonathan's fingers dance across the keys and the Native American friends sing in harmony.

The painting features a diverse group of Native American friends, each depicted with their own unique style and energy. The gold strokes seem to radiate from each musician, as they pour their hearts into the music and the tiny venue pulsates with the energy of the crowd.

Frenchy has masterfully captured the spirit of this unforgettable performance, with every stroke and every color contributing to the vibrant energy of the piece. Whether you were lucky enough to be there in person or not, this painting will transport you back to that magical night at the Maple Leaf Bar, where the music brought people of all backgrounds and cultures together in harmony.