Spirit Blue Rising
Spirit Blue Rising Spirit Blue Rising

Frenchy's remarkable "Spirit Blue Rising" emerges as a custom commission, tailored to the discerning tastes of a dedicated collector. Crafted in the enchanting atmosphere of his Oak Street Gallery in New Orleans during the crisp September of 2023, this 48" x 40" masterpiece offers a visual journey into the ethereal.

The canvas is awash in a delicate light blue hue, creating a serene backdrop that instills a sense of calm and wonder. Against this tranquil canvas, the abstract spirit takes center stage, poised as if ready to leap from the painting itself. Frenchy's masterful use of color and form infuses the piece with an almost otherworldly quality, allowing the spirit to transcend the boundaries of the canvas and beckon the viewer into a realm of limitless possibilities.

Spirit Blue Rising is a testament to Frenchy's artistic prowess, capturing the very essence of transcendence and transformation. This mesmerizing artwork serves as a visual ode to the infinite, inviting viewers to explore the realms of the abstract, where spirits can soar and dreams can take flight.